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Vegetable Pakoras
Light spicy batter, vegetables, spices
Chicken Pakora
Chicken breast fillet, light spicy batter
Mushroom Pakora
Mushroom, light spicy batter
Aloo Tikki
Potato slices, light spicy batter
Chicken Chaat
Chicken wings barbecued in tandoor
Onion Rings
Onion rings, light spices, soft batter
Mixed Pakora
Chicken, mushroom and veg pakora
Buffet Starter
Chicken tikka, chicken chat, alu tikki, veg pakora and chicken pakora

Choose Base

Chicken Breast
Fresh chicken breast
Chicken Tikka
Tandoor barbecued chicken breast
Tender lamb
Lamb Tikka
Tandoor barbecued lamb
King Prawns
Fresh Atlantic King Prawns
Onion rings, light spices, soft batter

Choose Style


Mild: Creamy coconut sauce


Mild / Medium : Creamy sweet and sour


Medium: Mushtaq’s classic from 1973... needs no introduction


Medium: Rich – herbs and tomatoes


Medium Spicy: Tangy, ginger, garlic, coriander and chillies


Medium Spicy: Sweet, tangy, herbs and chillies


Medium Spicy: Sharp with onions, pepper and herbs

Garlic Chilli

Spicy: Fiery, garlic, chillies and herbs


Spicy: Tasty – Green chillies, ginger, garlic, tomato, masala and herbs

Roshan Deen

Spicy: Roasted fenugreek, cumin, coriander and chopped chillies


Spicy: Tangy, ginger, garlic, herbs and coriander

To Your Taste
Peppers, onions, mushrooms, green chillies
To Your Strength
Mild, hot, madras, Vindaloo


Pilau rice
Only natural ingredients
Boiled Rice
Perfectly cooked short grain rice
Freshly made Naan Bread
Garlic Naan
Freshly made Naan Bread with garlic
Chilli Naan
Freshly made Naan Bread with chilli
Sweet Naan
Freshly made Peshwari sweet Naan Bread
Tomato & Indian Herb Naan
Freshly made Naan Bread with tomato and herb infusion
Cheese Naan
Freshly made Naan Bread with cheese
Freshly made thick cut golden chips
Masala Chips
Special recipe spicy chips


Pilau rice
Perfectly crispy
Spicy Onions
Classic spicy recipe – a big favourite
Mango Chutney
Deliciously sweet and sour
Mixed Pickle
Tangy with a bite
Fresh leaves, onions and tomatoes
Curry Sauce (plain)
Mushtaqs classic curry sauce, a big favourite
Curry Sauce (other)
Mushtaqs classic curry sauce, a big favourite
Yogurt Dip
A delicious creamy cooling dip
Vegan Pakora Sauce
A spicy tomato based dip
Pakora Sauce
A tangy and spicy tomato based dip

Tandoori and other meals

Tandoori meals are marinated and fired in a clay oven.
Served with rice and curry sauce (alternative curry sauces £1.49 extra)

Chicken Tikka
Fresh succulent chicken breast marinated and cooked in the tandoor
Lamb Tikka
Tender lamb marinated and cooked in the tandoor
King Prawn Tandoori
Fresh Atlantic king prawns, delicately marinated and cooked in the tandoor
Fish and Chips
Delicious breaded haddock and twice cooked chips