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Title: Mushtaqs chef cooks up a storm for celebrity fans on BBC Radio Scotland

Date: August 2009

Photo: Katherine Jenkins and Fred MacAulay

Lanarkshire’s hottest curry house has cooked up a storm live on BBC Radio Scotland – and won over new celebrity fans in the process.


Chef Ajmal Mushtaq of award-winning Mushtaqs Restaurant delighted the taste buds of presenter and comedian Fred MacAulay and Welsh opera beauty Katherine Jenkins who were blown away by his freshly-cooked dish.


Ajmal also faced a gruelling quick-fire round of food fact questions but remained calm under pressure to score highly with his culinary knowledge on the food show on Tuesday (13 October) at the BBC’s Pacific Quay studios.


He said: “It was a fantastic experience cooking live on air, but I was so relieved to have impressed Fred and Katherine with the end result – watching their faces was nerve-wracking but they loved the natural, fresh taste and were surprised it was so healthy.


“It’s a lot harder to answer the questions when you are in front of the mic than listening in at home, but it was great fun and thoroughly enjoyable.”


Fred MacAulay added: “A lot of people generalise curry as an unhealthy meal choice, but Ajmal showed everyone that there are types of curry which are full of fresh ingredients and flavour and won’t damage the waistline, and both Katherine and I loved tasting his superfast curry dish.”


Serving up around 500 meals a day, the success of Mushtaqs proper Indian food the way it should be – using 100 per cent natural ingredients – is a growing phenomenon which has enjoyed rapid success since opening earlier this year.


With its innovative back to basics approach to create an authentic and healthy taste which is out of this world, Mushtaqs is enjoying its place at the top of the curry charts.

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